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Amphibian Surveying in Fernbank Forest

Fernbank Museum scientists have been participating in the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program, hosted by the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This program is meant to gather a baseline and monitor amphibian populations throughout the Metro Atlanta area as a long term study of wetland health and to identify areas in need of restoration. Each month, scientists spend several hours in Fernbank Forest looking for and counting salamanders and frogs as well as listening for frog calls after sunset.

Learn more about Fernbank Forest.

Come face-to-face with a variety of amphibians and reptiles at Fernbank’s annual Reptile Day on Saturday, July 8.


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Archaeology Month at Fernbank

May is Archaeology Month at Fernbank Museum!

Our celebration of archaeology is inspired by Georgia’s Archaeology Awareness Month, held each May to create awareness about the Georgia’s archaeological heritage. In May Fernbank Museum will offer opportunities for visitors to learn more about this fascinating science and the look into human history it provides.

New findSpecial Event
Enjoy a hands-on exploration of archaeology crafts, activities and special demonstrations at Fernbank’s Archaeology Day on Saturday, May 20. Learn more

Exhibit Highlights
Conveyed in Clay: Stories from St. Catherines Island
Discover how Native Americans adapted to changes in natural and cultural conditions through the evolution of their pottery, from North American’s oldest examples to 16th century Spanish artifacts. Learn more

De Soto’s Footsteps: New Archaeological Evidence from Georgia
Explore this collection of rare artifacts from Fernbank’s on-going archaeological expedition to investigate the history of early contact between Native American Indians and Europeans in Georgia. This exhibit showcases some of the rare artifacts that tell of those encounters and will reveal the significance of the findings. Learn more

Fernbank NatureQuest
Even our youngest visitors have a chance to explore the science of archaeology through educator-designed immersive activities—including a recreation of a dig site.

All Archaeology Month activities are included with Museum admission and are free for members.

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