Thankful for Fernbank Museum

November 23, 2011 at 8:09 pm Leave a comment

The latter part of the calendar year is a time of reflection and appreciation in many cultures and religions. Among the things my family is thankful for is Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

I have been involved with the Museum since 2000, initially as member of its Artemis young professional group, and increasingly so thereafter as my wife and children have embraced Fernbank as well. Stepping into Fernbank is like walking into another world. Its diverse exhibits and programs have opened our minds to history, science and cultures from across the seas. Our lives have been enriched by exhibitions on such broad-ranging subjects as Rome, Syria, pearls, chocolate, frogs, water, Charles Darwin and more. IMAX® films have also been among the many wonderful discoveries we have made at the Museum. I recall somewhat reluctantly going to see the film Pulse: A STOMP Odyssey. The film turned out to be an entrancing journey of rhythms and music from around the world—all in less than one hour. My family has since watched that IMAX® film (in its DVD version) over and over again.

Chile's Winter Wonderland display.

Speaking of world cultures, Fernbank currently offers its second annual Winter Wonderland. The exhibition shows us how twenty-five other cultures celebrate their holiday traditions, through beautifully decorated trees and other displays, unique crafts, and special performances.

While many of us visit Fernbank primarily on weekends, it is heartening to see busloads of children enjoying the Museum during the week, and to know that their schools value the educational experience that only Fernbank can offer. Opened just this year, Fernbank NatureQuest epitomizes the very best in educational content and technology. NatureQuest was designed to deliver dynamic, changing content and a different experience every time we visit. It is no surprise that NatureQuest has been so well received by our community, and by the most important critics of all—our children.

Fernbank Museum has brought us so much this year. With the beautiful new dinosaur plaza welcoming guests, NatureQuest, hands-on experiences, and exciting new IMAX® films, the Museum has accomplished a great deal to make us proud. My family considers itself fortunate enough to be able to support the Museum financially every year through The Annual Fund. We see how hard the Fernbank Museum staff and its volunteer leadership work, not only to ensure that the Museum operates productively on a day-to-day basis, but also to plan new exhibits and educational experiences for the future. We see that our trust is well placed. Year after year, Fernbank has fascinated us, amused us, and educated us about our world and its diversity of culture and thought.

Close-up of Chile display.

In this season of thanks, we hope you will consider joining us by supporting Fernbank Museum through a gift to The Annual Fund. Here’s to the wonders that Fernbank will bring us in the year ahead!

—Kevin Maxim, Fernbank Museum Board of Trustees Member

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