Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

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Inspired by Fernbank’s new holiday exhibition Winter Wonderland: Celebrations and Traditions Around the World, we asked staff and volunteers to share their favorite holiday tradition. Here are their responses, in their own words.

“My tradition is a new one, started in 2007, after experiencing a grueling chemo/radiation protocol for cancer during the holiday season. I bake a variety of cookies, wrap them in a box with a bow and deliver them to the office of my oncologist and her staff at a local hospital. I wear a big red velvet Santa hat with jingle bells so they can hear me coming. The look on everyone’s face when I walk thru the hospital is priceless. The smiles I get when I walk thru the door to the doctor’s office brings me so much joy. We pass around hugs and the cookies and catch up with each other, grateful for the blessings we’ve experience. I stop by the infusion center on my way out to visit with the “newbies” who are going thru what I went through. Amazing how a small box of home-made cookies can mean so much!”
Joey Potter, Graphic Designer

“Every year my mother buys me a chocolate filled Advent Calendar for Christmas. The best part is that she usually forgets to give it to me until about the middle of December, so I get to spend a day “catching up” on my calendar and eating chocolate; it’s a pre-Christmas treat!”
Mandy Gee, Assistant Manager of Member and Volunteer Services

“I’m half-Dutch, and when I was younger I would always celebrate Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). It is celebrated on December 5th. I would go the Atlanta Holland Club’s and De Molenwiek’s Sinterklaas celebration and see him arrive by boat. Then he would give all of the kids presents. We also got large chocolate letters of the first letter of our first names. They still have Christmas on the 25th, but it is separate.”
Veronica Sondervan, FUN Volunteer

“Christmas is super fun with my family; it’s really about eating. We all love to eat and drink good wine. My dad always makes a standing rib roast with his special béarnaise sauce that he will go on and on about. But seriously super good. He always plans a nice bottle of Cab or Zin to go along with the meal perfectly (again bragging on about the success of the pairing). My mom always uses holidays as a means to try some new Southern Living dish or dishes really. I’m always sure to bring lots of Tupperware because I am most excited about going home with the leftovers!”
Allison Fry, Director of Beverage Services

“My husband and I exchange one Christmas ornament every year. It’s a tradition we started our very first holiday together, and we try to pick something that will make the other smile or is symbolic of that year. Just in case you’re curious, yes there is a dinosaur ornament on our tree!”
Kristy Richardson, Family Programs Specialist

“My favorite holidays are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha; Eid-ul-Fitr is the end of Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha ”Festival of Sacrifice” start after Hajj the two major holidays for Muslims. As a child, Eid day was heaven on earth for me. We all wore new clothing. All the children would ambush the adults for money (Eidi or Salami) which we would receive as a token of love in that blessed day. I would not keep the money for very long, using it in the following days to buy candies and sweets to share with all my friends. As an adult I do not feel that same child like Eid-day joy anymore, but my mother still keeps the tradition of giving me money. For two days out of the year, I am back to being that carefree child spending my small amount of money to buy sweets to share with my friends and family.
I have to mention that I also enjoy Thanksgiving. It seems to be the only holiday that can be celebrated by any race or religion. It gives the sense of universal family values and thankfulness for even the minor things in life. I also enjoy driving the empty streets with very little traffic the day before.”
Shafali Akhtar, Special Projects Coordinator

“My favorite holiday tradition is sitting in front of the Christmas tree at my mom’s house every year having our family photos made on Christmas Eve. There are always tons of people, big laughs, small arguments and ultimately the exact same photos!”
Michele Kresge, Manager of Member and Volunteer Services

“When my family assembles on the night of Christmas Eve, together, we read A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. It is a remarkable memoir of his family life at Christmas—and the extraordinary preparations that lead up to Christmas morning. Somehow, all the characters represent some member of my family, even including their beloved pet dog Queenie. It’s a story of pure love, kindness, generosity, wonder, family and home!”
Susan Neugent, President and Chief Executive Officer

“My favorite holiday tradition comes from my family’s celebration of New Years. For every strike of the bell at midnight we eat one grape. They’re called “las doce uvas de suerte” or the 12 lucky grapes. They’re a symbol of prosperity for the next year and really yummy! Though, one year, I mixed it up and told all my friends to shove all 12 in their mouths at once at midnight… Haha oh well!”
Tanya Wise, FUN Volunteer Intern

“Decorating the tree is a very special time for us. This is usually done Thanksgiving weekend so we have a month to enjoy the tree before Christmas. A fire softly burning, hot spiced cider or hot chocolate to sip on, cookies hot out of the oven for munching, and Christmas music playing all set the stage for a fun evening decorating the tree.”
Brenda Berry, Executive Assistant

As for me, my favorite holiday tradition, whether it’s Christmas, Independence Day or Halloween, is spending time with my family and friends. I see the holidays a the perfect excuse to “unplug” and slow down to take time to take stock in and appreciate the people I have in my life that I care so much about. It’s also a time to remember those that I have lost and be grateful for the time I did have with them. (But Christmas cookies are a close second!)
Deanna Smith, Director of Marketing

If you have a tradition you’d like to share, please e-mail it along with your full name to marketing@fernbankmuseum.org and if we get enough responses, we’ll share those in a future blog post.

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