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Water, Water Everywhere

Fernbank’s new special exhibit WATER opens this Saturday, October 2. You might be wondering, “What’s there to learn about water?” After all, water is a part of our everyday life, but how many of us truly give it a second thought? 

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to see the exhibit on view the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, and there’s a lot to learn!

WATER allows visitors to examine all the various aspects of H2O—it’s a true opportunity to “see below the surface.”

Walking into the gallery, I was greeted by an archway with a cool, light mist spraying out; this is the entryway to WATERLive fish swam in tanks lining the walls, while descriptive panels detailed the importance of water for the survival of all creatures.  As I stepped further into the gallery, children stood mesmerized around a giant revolving globe featuring a video about the movement of the oceans and glaciers of our earth.   

I strolled past a giant ice block turning to water and steam to show the three states of matter, and found myself standing in front of a giant polar bear surrounded by snow.  The exhibit also includes videos about water’s role in climate change and natural disasters. 

After this, I investigated what the Dallas Exhibits Director referred to as the “Jar Room.” This section of the exhibit stresses water’s cultural importance for humans throughout history. Kid-friendly stations allow young visitors to see if they would be able to lift or carry a clay jar filled with water. An interactive rain table gives you a chance to examine weather and rain patterns throughout the country using IR motion capture software. 

To me, the best aspect of the exhibit was its balance of kid-friendly interactive stations and adult-friendly information.  It’s definitely worth dropping by—you won’t be disappointed!

Heather Karellas, Summer Marketing Coordinator


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