The Scoop on Staff Favorites: IMAX® Films

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Working at Fernbank definitely has its perks. For instance, staff are able to preview potential IMAX® films—some which are yet-to-be-released. Some staff never miss a film, while others only see a handful, but when it comes to talking about their favorites, they all have a lot to say.

Working at Fernbank for 12 years and seeing every IMAX® film but three, Aneli Nugteren, Fernbank’s Chief Operating Officer, enjoyed Journey into Amazing Caves the best. “It took me places I would never go. I’m not the bravest person, and I’m scared of spiders,” Aneli said. “I would never go into caves, and I loved Hurricane on the Bayou because of the music.”

Justin Antoine, Vice President of Finance, rarely gets a moment to see the IMAX® films. Working at Fernbank for 13 years, he has seen maybe six films. “Everest was a really good one,” Justin said. “The scenery was out of this world, and on the IMAX® it was just great. The outdoors have always had a pull on me.”

Visitor Services Supervisor Carmen Bailey has not missed one film at Fernbank over the past nine years. Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man is easily her favorite. “It’s colorful, and not only is it entertaining, but it’s a magical kind of IMAX®,” Carmen said. 

For roughly seven years, Shafali Akhtar has been a member of Fernbank’s Visitor Services team.  How many IMAX® movies has she seen? Oh my goodness, too many to count. “My favorite IMAX® of all time is Australia: Land Beyond Time. It was awesome,” Shafali claimed. “They showed everything—the weather, the unique landforms and the trees, and the animals, but at the same time, it was so calm.”

Web specialist Milan Turner has seen about 1/3 of the featured IMAX® films in his four years at Fernbank. He instantly remembered his favorite film, Sea Monsters. “That film used CGI computer graphics, so the sea monsters were animated to look like they would have,” Milan said. “It was a cool use of technology for the IMAX®.”

After two and a half years at Fernbank, Vice President Jim Breedlove he has already seen a dozen films. Deciding between them proved to be a challenge. “Everest is my favorite because of the sheer adventure. It’s unbelievable the hardships people have to endure, and it’s a milestone to climb to the top of the mountain,” Jim said. “But, Mystic India is the prettiest film I’ve seen. They are all so different it is hard to decide on one favorite.”

Vice President of Operations, Jerry Washington, is known by some of his coworkers as “The Man.” Jerry has worked at Fernbank since September’92 and sees all of the IMAX® films that come to Fernbank. His two favorite films are easily Rolling Stones at the Max and Everest. “I like music and the IMAX® sound system is amazing,” Jerry said about the Rolling Stones film. “And in Everest it was really exciting to learn what they went through up on the mountain.”

I, Andrea Lowery, Marketing and Communications Intern, have been an intern at Fernbank for two months, and I have seen six IMAX® films. (I did do work while I was here, I promise!)  I loved Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man because the performers are incredible. The film is absolutely breathtaking, and I was in awe the entire time. Oh, and the colors were beautiful. Under the Sea has always been a favorite of mine as well. Jim Carey was a wonderful narrator and the sea lions were so cute when bubbles came out of their noses.

IMAX® films are unlike any other movie experience. The screen is massive and the films explore unique areas often otherwise unseen. Visit Fernbank’s IMAX® Theatre today and see what the rave is all about.

-Andrea Lowery, Marketing & Communications Intern


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